Many women make nude lipstick their go-to, thinking that you just cannot go wrong with this neutral color. But when it comes to lips, being neutral may not be not a good thing. A global name in makeup artistry, Vimi Joshi has worked on runway shows across all major global fashion weeks from New York and Paris to Dubai’s Fashion Forward, and she’s worked with celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Dita Von Teese. Having worked with MAC Middle East for over 21 years, she recently left her position as senior makeup artist and is now a freelance artist and consultant in Dubai. And the makeup faux pas she finds many women make is with nude lipstick. “It completely drains the face of any illumination and life,” says Joshi. Her own favorite shade is red, the color that all women, no matter what their skin tone is, should have in their makeup kit.  

Illustration by Mariam Ajami

That said, she understands why women in the MENA region would choose to wear nude lipstick. “In this region, eyes are very important, and women love to do dramatic eye makeup with brows, lashes and kohl. Nude lip compliments this style of makeup.” Joshi suggests that if you’re looking to wear a nude lipstick then choose something that is one or two shades darker than your skin. “This will really enhance and illuminate your face. When it’s lighter than your skin tone, that’s when you look washed out.” She recommends MAC Velvet Teddy – it’s more of a light brown and has a slight red undertone.

Vimi Joshi Woman Wearing Lipstick Fashion Trust Arabia
Vimi Joshi