When FTA asked the stylist and former fashion editor of L’Officiel Levant and Aïshti’s A Magazine and the co-founder of WeAreThePeople Mouna Trivers Harati, about the one item she believes you should never own, her answer was as clear as they come: “Crocs, because they’re ugly. And whether recyclable or not, I’m not a fan of anything that gives the illusion of plastic.”

Mass produced from Crosslite, a proprietary resin, which the manufacturers claim make them more comfortable and better at absorbing shock, Crocs caused a stir the minute they made an appearance in the early aughts. They’re cheap, and their gracelessness makes for quite a fashion statement. In fact, it’s their ugliness that’s made them all the more appealing – the ugly shoe trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Mouna Trivers Harati Fashion Trust Arabia
Mouna Trivers Harati

Originally developed as a boating shoe, they’ve created millions in revenue and are now manufactured in a network of factories across several countries. Even Scottish designer Christopher Kane collaborated with the brand in 2017, with the collection boasting “limited quantities, and proudly not for everyone.”

So should Crocs be replaced with something else? “Birkenstocks,” Mouna answers. “I’m a firm believer in wearing what makes you most comfortable. Comfort is key.”