Gisou, the famed honey-infused haircare range, finally landed in the GCC last April. Created by Dutch-Persian influencer Negin Misralehi in 2015, Gisou prides itself on harnessing the power of bee-sourced ingredients to produce superior hair oil, hair wash, hair perfume and other coveted items. Misralehi herself grew up in her family’s bee garden and has long understood the benefits of using honey to achieve strong, healthy hair. “Honey is a natural treasure. I truly believe in the power of honey for not only hair but overall health,” says Misralehi. “Honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to provide deep nourishment to hair.”

As far as Gisou products are concerned, there’s one product Misralehi recommends for customers just getting introduced to her brand. “I tell everyone and anyone this: the one product all hair types can rely on is our Honey Infused Hair Oil. It’s based on a homemade recipe developed by my mother. Ever since I was a little girl, it’s been the one product I use daily, multiple times a day to keep my hair nourished, moisturized and hydrated.”

Given its great popularity in the Arab world, many fans of the brand wondered why it took Misralehi so long to launch Gisou in the region. “From the moment we started Gisou, we intentionally built the brand slowly, focusing first on what Gisou stands for before venturing into other regions or retailers,” says Misralehi. “Launching Gisou in the Middle East was never a matter of ‘if’ but when. It is a dream come true to finally see Gisou in the region. With Gisou being so deeply rooted in my Middle Eastern heritage, launching in the Middle East truly feels like we’ve come full circle.”

Currently, Gisou products are available in four Arab countries – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE – across 29 points of sale within Sephora stores. While Gisou remains unavailable across much of the region, Misralehi assures FTA that expansion plans are in the works. “We’ve only dipped our toes in the region,” she says. “We’re only getting started and excited to grow Gisou’s presence here in the years to come.”

Photographed by Patrick Sawaya