For the sixth and last episode of our takeovers series with the FTA 2022 Prize finalists, we’re featuring a category that everybody is always looking forward to discovering: the Guest Country.

So, we asked the Turkish Bünyamin Aydin (Les Benjamins), Burç Akyol, Ceylin Türkan Bilge (Siedres) and Sansim Adali (Studietuz) to film themselves while they showed us their signature piece, told us about their favorite city in the MENA region and talked about the designers who inspire them and about their expectations when they travel to Qatar in October for the Prize event. We also asked them to tell us who they dream of dressing on the red carpet and how their relatives might describe them using three words.

Here are their answers…


Bünyamin Aydin’s signature piece is the welder look from his FW22 collection. “It’s inspired by my grandfather who was a welder in Germany,” he says.

Burç Akyol’s signature piece is his metal hands bustier. “I’m really proud of this very artisanal piece, inspired by a Rolling Stones cover with Janet Jackson. Cardie B. was the first one to wear it and it became iconic,” he says.

Ceylin Türkan Bilge’s signature piece is her kaleidoscope prints ensemble. “I created it on Photoshop and it turned out to be our bestseller,” she says.

Sansim Adali’s signature piece “always includes tulle in a playful way. I think the volume it provides expands your personal space,” she says.


Bünyamin Aydin names “the Godfather” Yohji Yamamoto as his main source of inspiration while growing up.

Burç Akyol doesn’t hesitate and names Azzedine Alaia as his inspiration. “It has always been and it will always be him. Like him, I share my identity between Paris and an oriental soul. He was the most precise designer up until the end,” he says.

Ceylin Türkan Bilge names Jonathan Anderson and Alessandro Michele as her sources of inspiration.

“Since the 90’s, Karl Lagerfeld is my source of inspiration, his designs, his photography, his taste in literature and music, everything inspired me,” says Sansim Adali.


“I am looking forward to gaining experience and exchanging ideas. The more we communicate, the more we learn. I’m humbled and excited about this opportunity,” says Bünyamin Aydin.

Burç Akyol is looking forward to meeting everybody involved with the Prize, the designers, jury, advisory board, and more. “No matter the outcome, it will be a very enriching experience, humanly speaking,” he says.

“I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow creatives and visiting Qatar, I’ve never been there,” says Ceylin Türkan Bilge.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Prize, it will bring me together with my talented peers and all the members of the fashion industry and it will allow me to tell my story,” says Sansim Adali.


“Dubai. I lived there 9 months with my wife and I have a lot of friends there, people are everything,” says Bünyamin Aydin.

“Istanbul is one of the most unique cities in the world. It has seen so many different influences, people, cultures, it’s so inspiring,” says Burç Akyol.

“Muscat. When I was there, I felt I was in the middle of a Sindbad story, I fell in love with the city,” says Sansim Adali.


Bünyamin Aydin: “They say I’m humble, kind and positive.”

Burç Akyol: “One of my PR friends describes me to the others as the skinny Turkish designer.”

Ceylin Türkan Bilge: “They say I’m eclectic, driven and affable.”

Sansim Adali: “They say I’m fun, warm and a quirky.”


Bünyamin Aydin dreams of dressing “a legend”, American actor Keanu Reeves.

Burç Akyol absolutely wants to dress Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya for the next Dune movie.

Ceylin Türkan Bilge wants to dress English singer and actor Harry Styles “with any piece of Siedres”.

Sansim Adali loves rockstars, and she dreams of dressing Mick Jagger and Harry Styles.