Turquoise, rose quartz, quartz, onyx, amethyst, fluorite, jade, citrine, lapis lazuli, tiger eye… Now that our previous article has given you all the ingredients you need to wear your positivity like a pro in 2022, it’s time to meet the people at the head of all the Arab jewelry brands we’ve been bookmarking on Instagram.


Hourani is a Lebanese jewelry designer who studied business management in Beirut and believes that gemstones, when set in jewelry and worn close to the body, have the power to boost your energy, cleanse your space and much more. When speaking to us she said, ‘Most of the time when custom designing a piece for a client I select birthstones related to the months or Zodiac signs of the family members represented in their heirlooms. Often we choose stones for their meaning or metaphysical properties. Most gemstones form due to hot magma from the Earth’s core and are pushed up to the crust. This takes billions of years, the finest and rarest of these crystals are then cut and polished into gemstones. To me, this is the most magical and inspiring thing, they are Earth’s gift!’


We’re obsessed with Myne the Label’s face chain (make sure to check it out) but the brand also includes birthstones and gemstones in most of their pieces. The idea of ‘Myne’ came to founder Maya Ahmad when people started asking her about her Virgo pendant necklace, which was very meaningful to her. She says, ‘Every little thing around us can play a powerful role in how we feel, from the things we wear, to the products we use, everything has an impact on our energy, it can trigger a desired feeling, affect our mood and the way we feel.’


London-based jewelry designer Fares holds a History of Art degree from Tufts University as a natural extension to her creative upbringing. While studying she expanded her knowledge and appreciation of Fine Arts, enriching her taste and informing her inspiration. Her focus on jewelry led her to start commissioning her own pieces and to take courses at the GIA where she expanded her technical knowledge of crafting jewelry and precious stones.


Aisha Baker is a collaboration between jewelry expert Aisha Baker and emerging designer Hoonik Chang and was launched in 2017. The brand brings in inspiring elements from our childhood fairytales with their enchanted forests, castles and characters, in other words, it’s just what we need for a dash of escapism from our modern lives. Aisha Baker also produces a limited amount of pieces with gemstones and precious stones, which makes each one even more special and unique.


‘Pieces of expression’, that’s what founder Nourah Al Faisal calls them. Her pieces for Nuun Jewels are also a reflection of Saudi modernity and they demonstrate a new form of Arab creation. The founder carefully picks the most intricate Parisian jewelry workshops to work with and poses challenges to French techniques and know how, constantly searching for the exact method to allow the aura of the piece to express itself.


Tara Itani is a graduate of the GIA who uses precious metals, diamonds and gemstones that express traditional roots in contemporary styles. She blends attention to detail with a passion for the Orient along with a pioneering vision for cutting edge style with her mission to create pieces that will become heirlooms to be handed down through the generations.