Bazi is a form of Chinese astrology, and it provides four pillars of information based on a person’s year, month and hour of birth. The Bazi chart contains information on what balance of the energetic elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water each person contains. The day of birth contains an element called the Day Master that is usually the most important element, but sometimes a person’s most dominant energy is different and that’s what influences their  style and flare. Also, did you know that your Bazi element and other astrological factors influence your daily choices, preferences and tendencies?

In order to discover the perfect wedding dress based on Chinese astrology, we spoke to Yasmine Shuhaiber Ghazal. Shuhaiber Ghazal uses the ancient Chinese divination tool of Bazi to enlighten and coach her clients on the different elemental balances in their chart and helps them understand their hidden strengths and weaknesses, while empowering and guiding them on how they can reach their goals and dreams by integrating spirituality and neuroscience.


Yang Wood (the tree) is associated with straight cuts and rigid lines. If you’re Yang Wood, you can go for cut outs and midriffs, both daring and contemporary, and these designs have dominated the 2022 collections, especially at Patbo and Gracy Accad.

Yin Wood (the flowers) loves flowery, flexible, flowy, intricate, romantic pieces. If you’re Yin Wood, you might love the 3D flora and fauna appliques spotted at Marchesa, Viktor & Rolf and Rivini.


Yang Fire (the sun) is attention seeking, flamboyant, layered, large. What else fits other than a black detail for that extra drama? Find your inspiration at Scorcesa, Vera Wang for Pronovias and Galia Lahav Couture.

Yin Fire (the candles) are sexy, mysterious, understated, slender, and strapless sweetheart necklines and flowing skirts are made for you. We loved these from Elie Saab and Wiederhoeft.


Yang Earth (the mountain) is large, solid, loud, a block. Opt for big bows, some modern, others retro, this trend is certainly for the bride looking to tap into her inner, larger than life persona.

Yin Earth (mother nature, the soil) is soft, simple, elegant. What’s better than adopting floral prints to connect to nature? Pick your vintage-style botanical prints and hand painted blooms from Monique L’huillier, Halfpenny London or Hermione De Paula.


Yin Metal (the jewel) is sparkly, shiny, with lots of pizazz. Embroidered wedding dresses will have you standing out and making a statement. Whether you want head-to-toe florals or a small touch here and there, check out Temperly, Ines Di Santo and Hermione De Paula.

Yang Metal (the sword) is royal, powerful, a straight shooter. Bridgerton and all its queens have got nothing on you! Be inspired by romantic gowns and regency era puff sleeves, the so-called bishops’ sleeves are set to be huge in 2022. We love examples from Prabal Gurung, Lazaro and Danielle Frankel.


Yin Water (the mist) is delicate, dreamy, and soft. From copious layers of fluff, ruffled tulle on necklines and hems, to cascading sculptural silk tiers, there’s nothing softer than ruffles, especially the ones spotted at Markarian, Anne Barge and Odylyne The Ceremony.

Yang Water (the river or sea) is rebellious, with lots of asymmetrical movement. Separates are just the thing for you, they offer versatility and break with tradition, especially as many designers are offering an array of mix and match top options which are paired with skirts or trousers. Check out Prabal Gurung, Rivini and Jesus Peiro.

Discover your Bazi or Chinese Horoscope here: or Or simply reach out to Yasmine Shuhaiber Ghazal!