It’s a pink world and we’re just living it. From beauty to fashion and everything in between, the hype around Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, which hits the cinemas in the summer of 2023, has caused a new, but unpredictable style shift to emerge: Barbiecore. Talk about a true nostalgic revival. While Barbie pink may be infiltrating our markets, the hue belongs to Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, who developed the color with Pantone for the brand’s AW 2022 collection — it’s an ode to all things hot pink.

With the emergence of the Y2K trend, Barbie is taking the reins as this year’s ultimate muse. When it comes to beauty, Barbie pink seems to be on everyone’s minds, in fact, Pinterest reported a 75% increase in its searches  for “Barbie Outfit” as people hit the site looking for inspiration. According to Klarna, data indicates that demand for pink items has resulted in an increase in purchases, and sales of pink mini dresses rose by 970%, while pink swimsuits saw a 682% increase over the past six months. It’s not all fashion though, beauty is jumping in on the Barbie hype too, with pink hair and pink nail art amassing a combined viewership of over 6 million and counting on TikTok so far.

A gateway into experimenting

The Barbiecore trend and its bubbly and colorful aesthetic exudes confidence and fun. According to Kim Culmone, the SVP of Design for Barbie, the color pink represents limitless potential and is a symbol of female empowerment. What constitutes Barbiecore is ultimately subjective — how it fits into your style and your everyday wardrobe is up to you. “Barbie is inspired by pop culture and fashion. And like many of us, her style evolves to be reflective of today’s trends and culture,” Culmone explained to Instyle. At a time where beige reigns supreme, if pink isn’t for you, then experimenting with other bold shades that better fit your aesthetic also works. Barbie is a gateway into experimenting with your own individual style among and not just about a trend.

Are the days of goth girl summer long gone? Not for all, but it seems like all things Barbiecore are here to stay for the foreseeable future. We’ve rounded up the top Barbiecore style aesthetics from our community of MENA influencers and content creators below in hopes of giving you some style inspiration should you consider dabbling in the glorious pink world of Barbie!


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Nathalie Fanj

Summer may be over in a month, but soak in those rays like Fanj in a hot pink Balenciaga swimsuit.

Ines Aktouf

Barbiecore isn’t necessarily about buying new, but instead, thrifting and purging the deeper corners of your closets in hopes of finding something that works. Aktouf shows us how it’s done with this second hand fit. It’s giving Ruby’s “Lee Bedary Keda” and we’re here for it!

Haya Jarrar

Pink mini dresses are in demand, and Romani’s founder and creative director is playing her cards right in her custom Romani pink dress.

Maya Chantout

Pink body suits are everywhere. Made popular by Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga, Chantout stuns in this Marine Serre ensemble in Dubai.

Maha Haider

The autumn party season may be creeping in, and we’re taking a tip or two on how to dress for the occasion from Maha Haider in Belfiori Couture. The giant bow, the pink dress and the contrasting navy pumps are screaming all things Barbiecore.

Maya Alkhateri

Office attire inspired by Barbiecore? We think, YES! Alkhateri in a 2-piece Rowen Rose pink set will command the attention of everyone around, and yes there’s a new boss taking over.