FTA 2019 ready-to-wear finalist, Reema Al Banna, founder and creative director of the label Reemami, has released a campaign for her latest collection, titled “A Tin Of Olive Oil.” The campaign is unlike anything we’ve seen in our region before. Models are replaced with stories, manifested through 14 different, unique talents selected to represent the brand.

Captured at Reemami’s newly renovated headquarters in Sharjah, singer-songwriter Abir, performance artist and dancer Carolina Cortesi, Sudanese talent Abeer Isam, and fashion consultant and FTA 2019 and 2020 Advisory Board member, Nez Gebreel, are put in the spotlight through a series of recorded questions and what can best be described as their own “fashion cover.” Each talent candidly opens up about their memories growing up as a “third culture kid”, the theme that inspired the collection, and one that Al Banna cherishes, considering she grew up as a third culture child herself to Palestinian immigrants who found a new home in the UAE.

“We wanted to celebrate inclusivity and make these women feel their best even though the camera was really close to them (we shot using a fisheye lens). It was really beautiful seeing the talents open up and push their insecurities away,” says Al Banna. The goal was to amplify the women’s differences and celebrate their uniqueness.

Belonging and freedom

Reemami, known for her signature architectural, experimental cuts and hand illustrated prints, stepped out of her comfort zone this season, with the exploration of her identity, culture and heritage as a Palestinian refugee, namely through the exploration of traditional Palestinian tatreez (a distinctive form of embroidery), which has been glorified and modernized throughout the collection. Transforming the familiar into fun has become Reema Al Banna’s forte. The patchwork present in the collection was executed by a group of Palestinians aiming to create a new garment from otherwise discarded waste, further highlighting the brand’s sustainable ethos.

Inspired by childhood delicacies and memories that defined the woman she is today, and being a third culture kid, the designer draws on inspiration through all her nostalgic remembrances and celebrates traditional dishes, all of which bring about a sense of belonging and freedom. The designer’s love for horse riding and equestrianism is also seen in the collection through the garments’ explicit cuts and details.

By fusing avant-garde sensibilities with effortless ease, each garment is versatile, take the classic collar for example, which, while cultural, has a sense of freedom in its accessibility. By fusing her signature cuts with luxury hand sketched printed fabrics, Reemami stays true to their aesthetic with this collection. Through a mirage of boxy and defined silhouettes, “A Tin Of Olive Oil,” consists of 12 drops and is the first chapter of a story that will continue to unfold in seasons to follow.

The collection is now available for orders and pre-order on www.reemami.com