The new year offers a time for reflection. A time to re-center your thoughts and prepare for the months ahead. You may have read your horoscope, and perhaps you’ve even invested in a crystal or two. It’s time to elevate your spiritual understanding with an ancient practice you may not have come across: numerology.

Numerology is based on the unique set of numerical values that you are born with, drawing upon the science and significance of numbers. These represent vibrational patterns that offer definable and describable meanings. Numbers play a key part in our day-to-day lives, and their importance has been embedded within cultures for thousands of years. 


“The word numerology derives from the Latin word “numerous” (numbers) and the Greek word “logos” (word, thought, and expression),” explains Tamik Minassian, a renowned numerologist based in Beirut. Although the origins are hard to discern, many believe the practice started in Egypt, with others claiming Babylon. Evidence shows numerology was utilized in ancient China, Japan, India, and Greece. 

The study of numerology is ever evolving and Minassian works with a new system of based on the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles. Using a system called the Numerology of 22 Numbers, she predicts what the numbers have in store for us for 2022. 

2022 is reduced to (2+0+2+2=6) = The Number 6

This card is THE LOVER in the Tarot of Marseilles.

6, THE LOVER symbolizes a curious mind, choices, desire, seduction, discussions, analysis, free will, enthusiasm or self-doubt, spontaneity, playfulness, youthfulness, awe, beauty, gymnastics,  and fine arts.


After the demanding year 2021, freedom of thought and expression will be a significant topic for 2022. We will be facing our choices and questioning our options.   

This year, we are encouraged to open our minds, to be curious about people and subjects. Above all, we are to establish better communication with others. We are invited to inquire about what we truly want and find answers within ourselves.     

Should we feel doubtful or insecure about what to do next, we should not push ourselves to decide. This is a year of analyzing, testing, and examining issues. If we must decide, listening to our heart will be our best option.  

Allowing ourselves and others freedom of choice is of great importance. As we seek to live by our free will, so does everyone else. Let’s avoid endless discussions and repeating patterns. We should steer away from criticizing and blaming others or ourselves. We must be cautious of words that might hurt. The best path is to establish a dialogue by asking open-ended questions and communicating with others spontaneously. This will fix any misunderstandings or complex issues.  





Learn to recognize your skills and talents, however small you might think they are. Outside approval will follow. Be curious about life and remember to have fun. Try new activities, learn a new language, take an art or pottery class, dance often and improve your body’s elasticity.

Look at yourself in the mirror and see your inner beauty. You need not envy anyone. It is time to fall in love with you. Your relationships will improve, and things will blossom in your everyday life. 


Negotiations, team building, or partnerships can be beneficial in finding solutions to problems. 2022 will be a year where recognition or endorsements will be necessary for everyone, so let’s not forget to acknowledge those around us. Remember that the lesson in 2022 will be to “walk your talk”.


The key to a joyful life is to be grateful, so try this simple exercise for a couple of weeks; Say thanks for three things in your life today. You’ll be amazed how it will lift your spirit and raise your vibration. It will have the most wonderful influence on the world around you through these unsettling times. 

Above all, be true to your true desires.  

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