This year, you don’t have to drown in a sea of options, because we’ve rounded up the best local swimwear labels, all in one place. Below, you’ll find three of the very best labels founded by Arab creative directors and entrepreneurs. Each of the brands we’ve found for you are creating innovative, often inclusive, styles that offer an impeccable fit for all shapes and sizes, from elaborate bikinis to sets that include scarves and sarongs.

Hadia Ghaleb

“In our current cultural climate, we are seeing separate swimwear stores for veiled and unveiled women. The swimwear category for veiled women, also known as the burkini, often focuses only on practical functionality and doesn’t provide stylish or trendy solutions for the women who wear them. I believe the fashion industry needs to improve its inclusivity by designing swimwear that can be worn by women of all cultures, eliminating the need for separate stores and labels, which can ostracize veiled women,” says Dubai-based entrepreneur and fashion influencer Hadia Ghaleb, who has just launched her inclusive eponymous swimwear line which bridges the divide for women of all cultures, religions and lifestyles, and brings a little more (much needed) inclusivity to the fashion industry.

The brand features two swimwear sets which come in six shades inspired by the sea and summer sunsets. They can be combined in different ways to change up your swimwear look: a swimwear ensemble, including a swimsuit top and scarf, and a full swimwear set, including a swimwear top, a scarf, leggings and a sarong.

Maya Swimwear

Another inclusive and local brand to keep on your radar is ‘Maya Swimwear’. “Made by women for all women”, the brand celebrates multi-ethnic, modest women from all over the world. “Our vision is to place a product in the market that empowers women and helps them feel special when around their natural elements. By every woman, I mean not only modest women, but also women who just want to protect themselves from the sun but not compromise on beauty”, adds Layla, one of the co-founders.

Lea The Label

‘Lea The Label’ is a company that believes in sustainability and protecting our planet. Founded by Lea Daaboul, Lea The Label values meticulous craftsmanship and provides a diverse range of silhouettes designed to be mixed and matched while maintaining their balance and comfort, quality and style. Every piece is resistant to chlorine and sun-tan oils and they’re UV protective and feel ultra smooth, ensuring the best fit and long lasting wear. The brand’s post- and pre-consumer waste, such as discarded fishing nets, fluff, industrial plastic and discarded yarn are collected through the ECONYL Reclaiming program, the Healthy Seas and the Net-Works initiatives.