Gen-Z are shopping for more than just the latest trends — in fact, those trends don’t really apply to them at all. Getting a hold of Gen-Z’s attention requires more than just catering to their personal style — which is by no means universal. It is rather catering to the causes they care for — and this is where most brands get it wrong. But if we were to look at the top three trends emerging in this young, but mighty demographic, there are three styles that seem to have won over the crowd.

We’re here to let you in on a few secrets and help you find your go-to option from some of our favorite regional brands!

Modern prep

Modern prep is being desired as preppy chic with a sultry twist. It takes its inspiration from the supermodels of the ‘90s and is an easy go to look when you’re tired but want to look put together. Think micro and pleated skirts, cropped sweaters, baguettes and more. The key to make the look chic today is choosing the right accessories. Go for leather, or cowboy boots, and layer everything with a plain white shirt. This white set from XIA The Label is this perfect example of the trend.

Elavated basics

Elevated basics are the new black. Gen-Z love a laid back look and enjoy experimenting with basics that have interesting details. Think tanks with cutout details or an experimental neckline, Lama Jouni is your go to. Alternatively, think a pair of jeans with a coated finish, mesh tops with neutral tones and anything with asymmetric hemlines. 

Sultry knits

Knits are meant to be worn in winter to, well, keep you warm. But that’s not the case if you’re a Gen-Z. This demographic thinks that knits can be worn all year round. Want to nail this trend but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Cut into your old unworn knits and create something new with them. If not, this set from Nafsika Skourti is just so cute. This trend encompasses everything from crochet tops to cheeky shorts and is generally quite revealing in nature. But if anything screams Gen-Z, it’s that this is their world and we’re just living in it. The old rules don’t apply, and they’re here to take control and change anything they desire.