There’s nothing better than a little bit of pampering. This is especially true during the summer, when the sun is shining, the beach is calling, and you’ve got a vacation booked to some exotic destination. An investment of both your hard-earned money and time, when it comes to beauty treatments, how do you make the results last? Four experts share their tips.


There’s nothing better than that post-facial glow. “Professional facials use high-quality ingredients, innovative techniques and expensive machines you won’t have at home,” says Jenya Melay, the Founder & CEO of Resync, a wellness studio in Dubai. Many dermatologists suggest getting a professional facial once a month to ensure the health of your skin. “There’s no better time to get a facial than before you travel. Use this as an opportunity to let your skin breathe by not wearing makeup,” suggests Melay.

Post facial, your skin will also need to be protected, especially if you’re in the sun. “SPF should always be an essential part of your routine,” says Melay. You should also avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours, and when tanning by the pool, make sure to invest in a big hat. “Follow the advice your facialist gives you, especially if you have a therapist you visit regularly,” says Melay. “They know your skin and will be able to help suggest the perfect formulas and routine to make sure you have healthy looking and feeling skin till your next appointment,” she adds.

False Lashes

You have two options when it comes to fluttering lashes. “Lash extensions is a treatment where we add individual or multiple mink lashes to each natural lash using a medical-grade glue. This adds length and volume to the lashes,” explains Joud Odeh, the founder of makeup studio Brau. “A lash lift treatment works on the natural lashes, where we tint and curl your natural lashes upwards, giving them maximum length and fullness,” she explains.

It’s essential to understand the natural hair growth cycle, which is usually four to six weeks long. “To maintain the lash extensions, we recommend refills every two to three weeks as our natural lashes grow. During the refill session, lashes are reapplied to sparse areas where the old lash extensions have fallen out,” explains Odeh. For lash lifts, you can get the treatment every six to eight weeks.

Find a salon you trust, that can suggest the best treatment for you. Ensure they work with high-quality products as this will help the results last longer. Aftercare is also important to understand. Avoid using oil-based cleansers, heavy makeup, lash curlers and mascara if you’ve had lash treatments. “For extensions, avoid picking at them as this will damage your natural lashes, and make sure you brush through your lashes every morning with a clean mascara wand to keep them looking their best,” Odeh adds.

Hair color

It’s always fun to change up your hair color during the summer. Whether you’re adding some highlights, opting for balayage, or doing a full transformation, it’s important to not only focus on the look, but the health of your hair, too. “Always use a heat protection spray that features UV protection when you’re out in the sun,” advises Deena Alawaid, a celebrity hairstylist and the owner of the salon Collective. You can also opt for a leave-in treatment that can work on your locks while you relax by the beach or pool.

For those with hair extensions, Alawaid says, “Make sure you avoid SPF getting into your extensions as it can change the texture and quality of the hair.” A general rule, she says, is to avoid getting any formula that you are using on your body on your hair. Post beach or pool, focusing on hair health is key to making color last. “Use a detox shampoo once a week to help clarify any build-up. You can also find after sun care for your hair which can offset any effects of chlorine, salt and sun,” says Alawaid.

Semi-permanent makeup

If there’s one way to ensure your makeup lasts all summer long, it’s semi-permanent makeup. From brows to liner and lips, Patsy Kerr, the founder of Brows By Patsy, creates award-winning results for her list of global clientele. Depending on the tattoo or microblading technique you choose, semi-permanent makeup can last from 12 to 24 months. These results are also down to your skin and how you take care of it.

If you’re planning on semi-permanent makeup for the summer, Kerr says, “Ensure you book your treatment five weeks before your travel date. For most treatments, you will do a second session which should be two weeks after the first, for touch-ups.” The key to ensuring your results don’t fade is protection, “Always wear SPF30 and above on your semi-permanent makeup to stop it fading,” says Kerr. She also notes that when out and about, it’s essential to wear sunglasses and a hat that will cover your makeup, especially when it’s fresh.