Winter has finally begun and what better way to brighten yourself up amid all this gloomy weather than with some kitschy pieces to add some flavor to your wardrobe? Often described as pleasantly distasteful, kitsch has now flooded the fashion landscape with its array of eccentricity, bright colors, and prints – it’s maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s truly an affirmative shock factor and conversation starter whenever it’s worn! 

Here, we’re taking a look at Mira Mikati, Lurline, Tania George and Maram, all of which will get you so ready for a fun twist on layering this season. With that said, here is the ultimate guide to elevating your wardrobe this season – let’s get kitschy!

Down to the knitty gritty: It is not a secret, knits are once again taking a stand and ranking high on the trends list this season. Runways are flooded with chunky layers and bright prints, but how has kitsch taken its place among the crowd? Well, if you spot a printed, bright sweater or a beaded, appliquéd cardigan, you know you’re in it for the win. 

Tania George

Print Overload: Yes, you guessed it! Prints are the ultimate kitsch factor – patched onto a coat, mismatched prints straight on the fabric itself or carefully embroidered onto a top – you name it, prints are back. With art being at the heart of kitsch, why not make fashion and art collide? Hopping on this train assures a dream result for the maximalist and an eccentric, bold pop for everyone else! 


Outerwear Gone Wild: No matter what vibe your outfit is giving off, you can always rely on outerwear to be the final touch that elevates any style, giving it a less than subtle pop. Whether it is a sequenced bomber jacket with a touch of color or a tie-dye leather biker jacket, a burst of eccentricity is all you need to embellish your winter outfits this year. Let’s not forget that bomber jackets and structured outerwear are the hype for this season – let’s go all out and spice it all up with a sprinkle of kitsch, shall we?