They are six, from among the 24 shortlisted FTA Prize 2022’s finalists. Six winners in six categories: Evening Wear, Ready-to-Wear, Accessories, Jewelry, Debut Talent and Guest Country (this year, Türkiye), chosen by a remarkable panel of judges after 3 hours of deliberation. Six winners whose lives are about to change as they will embark on an incredible, once in a lifetime journey that they’ll never forget. 

Pulse talked to each one of them the day after their victory. So who are they and how do they feel now that they’ve won? We’re here to bring you the exclusive details! 

Artsi Ifrah (Maison ARTC) | Morocco | Evening Wear

The region has so much culture, art and beauty to offer and this year’s Evening Wear winner, Arsti of Maison Artc, is on a mission to showcase just that. “The Prize means so much to me on so many levels, emotionally, creatively, and many others. Winning this Prize in this remarkable region is amazing, it has brought light to new ways in the Arab world, creating new feelings and the way we see our culture, history and heritage and the way we can style fashion in our own way. I feel like it’s a great start and journey for me,” he explains. “The next step is to prove that this Prize was well deserved and to continue working to create a better art scene, to show that this Prize will open many doors, for me and others, to make other designers dream. I will invest the money in my brand and in our growth and show that this is the start of a new future for me. I’m excited to go back to Marrakesh and make a new collection and show more about culture and our beautiful region. I would like to thank Fashion Trust Arabia for loving me and giving me this beautiful respect. I will never disappoint. I would also like to thank HRH Sheika Moza bint Nasser and Her Excellency Sheika Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani for this privilege and for hosting us in their beautiful country.”

Sarah and Siham Albinali (Lurline) | Saudi Arabia | Ready-to-Wear

When it comes to Ready-to-Wear, for the Saudi sister duo behind Lurline, this year’s winners, the future is bright. “Winning the Prize has meant that world to us. We feel so honored to have been bestowed this huge win,” they tell us. “We’ve heard about the FTA prize since it first started and we’ve always wanted to be a part of it. Being a part of this competition, which is probably the most important fashion competition that there is right now, is amazing and we’re excited to be a part of the FTA family. Since winning, so many doors have already opened for us, all I can say is that we’re going to keep trying to seize the opportunity that we’ve been given and make the most of out of it to make sure everyone is proud of us. We’re looking forward to the mentorship and seeing what will happen with our brand.”

Eilaf Osman | Sudan | Accessories

Sudanese designer Eilaf, winner of the Accessories Prize, said, “This Prize of course means everything to me.” She will be using the award to invest more in her supply chain and will be training more women in different elements of craftsmanship, attempting to explore more artisanal motifs that are coming out of the region, which she hopes she’ll incorporate in her designs. “I can also find more sustainable solutions to opening the codes of East African artisanal motifs. My next steps, and what I will be using the money for, is to actually take a step back and create a very strong visual identity and strategy, along with a marketing strategy,” she adds. She’s excited to finally have her foot in the door and to “be recognized by people that I have been so inspired by my entire life and at the same time being able to showcase Sudanese arts to the rest of the world.”

Fatma Mostafa | Egypt | Jewelry

Jewellery category winner, Fatma Mostafa, who wowed the judges with her unique pieces, which blend embroidery and painting with fine metals and stones, reflects on her journey with FTA saying, “the Award means a lot to me, the journey was not easy but, elhamdullah, I didn’t stop and continued on my way, and look, finally, I am a winner among such great talents. I am so grateful to Allah and proud of myself.” As for the future, she hopes to build her team, aiming to scale new heights where she can set up her workshop and bring workers from different crafts to exchange ideas and work together.

Kazna Asker | Yemen | Debut Talent

As for Yemeni Debut category winner, Kazna Asker, she explains that the Prize is so important because her voice is finally being heard. “I’m putting Yemen on the map, which I’m very proud about,” she says. “I’m mostly excited about the mentorship because I think I need guidance with starting my own brand. That has always been a dream of mine and I will be using the money to invest in doing that.”

Burç Akyol | Türkiye | Guest Country

As for FTA’s 2022 guest country Turkey, this year’s winner was the impeccable Burc Akyol, who summed up his post win feelings as simply being “happy”. “Winning this Prize means I can get one step closer to doing what I have in my mind for my brand! It means I can go on,” he explains. Sharing this feeling with his loved ones and work family was the highlight of his win and as for the future, the “next steps are business, investments, momentum and keeing the torch burning”.