The Beauty Kit
Because let’s “face” it, Huda Kattan dictates what each one of us needs, you can’t travel without the Glowish Multidew Skin Tint by HudaBeauty, and especially if you want the moist, bright and “no makeup” look. Small tip though: hide it from your partner, they’ll probably steal it from you. Trust us. 

The Kaftan
Because we watched Out of Africa for the hundredth time now, and being Meryl Streep for a few hours is such a sassy vacation look, you will definitely want this Bahaar kaftan in your August carry-on. Ready to be worn in the countryside or by the beach, for a mimosa breakfast or a barbecue dinner, you will just never get enough of it. 

The Tee-shirt
Because it is simply too cute, and elegant, and a 100% cotton, this tee-shirt from Casablanca the brand is an absolute must-take on an August trip. Their classic tee from La Fleur d’Oranger collection can be worn, and washed, everyday. Maybe it’s just us Arabs and orange blossoms, which will always be a thing! 

The Hat
Because we always want to look like Nicole Kidman, Nadine Labaki, Penelope Cruz or Yousra, and even if it is for a couple of minutes, this Alpartagas strawhat will probably be the star of your summer vacation. Designed by Lola Hats, it will protect you from those August rays while making you give off celebrity vibes, whether you are at the pool, on a yacht, or in your mountain lodge garden. 

The Sunglasses
Because we all have a diva inside of us, this accessory is an absolute must. These sunglasses, created by Port Tanger, a brand founded by one of our 2021 FTA Prize finalists Bilal Fellah and Daniël Sumarna, are called Yamina. Yamina is the woman, the wife, the mother and the heroin of Bilal and Daniël’s own fairytale. And in August, the tales’ watchword is the same for everyone: glamour. And we’re so here for it! 

The Magazine
Because why not sunbathe while learning a few things. Just grab a copy of Makhzan the magazine and stuff it in your August carry-on. Created by 18 young designers studying at Cairo’s German University, the debut issue sheds light on 70 designers from 14 countries in the MENA region. Conceived during the pandemic, this truly unique project is a perfect way for us Arabs, to remember how talented and creative we are, and can be.

The Playlist
Because there’s no perfect getaway without the perfect soundtrack, we decided to offer you one of our smooth, groovy, and funky summertime playlists. Blasting on a sound system for a glittery happy hour with your friends, or stuck on repeat on your AirPods while you’re taking a siesta, let us pamper your ears with Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, Ahmad Fakroun, Soulwax, Chloe Sevigny, and Cola Boyy.