Is pink in? Well, they said it was in 2019 and then again in 2020, until a grey cloud loomed over our world in the form of a pandemic that has forever changed our lives. It’s 2022 and the world is opening up again. Is pink back to cast a little sunshine on our foggy days? Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioili may be onto something and we’re choosing to name everything pink as our items of the month.

Paris’ Carreau du Temple hosted Valentino’s Pink PP Collection, where the looks were stripped down to only one hue, aiming to maximize the possibilities, inviting the eye to hone in on craft, detail and individuality. By taking away our attention to color, Piccioli aimed to shift the focus towards form and silhouette. The color pink was not a random choice, either. The Maison recruited acclaimed novelist, designer and visual artist, Douglas Coupland, to unpack the color that defined the collection, for pink is associated with love, community, energy, freedom, individuality and curiosity.

While Valentino’s red may have been the obvious choice, Piccioli claimed he chose pink to “subvert” its cultural meanings and namely its associations with “being girly,” and bringing it back to punk, or as it was originally perceived, a color for men. Down the centuries, the color has always associated with masculinity. It wasn’t until the 1940’s that the gender swap began. It was cemented in the 1950’s when the US first lady Mamie Eisenhower wore a pink gown to the inauguration, defining the color as one for women.

In art, the color symbolized youth and romance. It has been also reported that pink was popular in India, Imperial China as well as among members of high society in 18th century Europe. In Europe, the color symbolized social status due to the expense of importing the raw materials that were used to dye the cloth from central Asia and South America.

Fast forward to today, the color is back, bold as ever, adding a new dimension to the monochrome ideal. We’ve compiled a glorious list of all things pink from our community of MENA designers, to celebrate the color and to remind you that color is not gender exclusive — it is for everyone, to be embraced and worn with pride.

Renaissance Renaissance

FTA 2021 ready-to-wear designer, Renaissance Renaissance has mastered the color pink, for the color defines the image of the brand. Their Sakura tulle and cotton-blend poplin dress is designed to look like two equally romantic separates, when it is not. It features a ruched tulle bodice and a puffed cotton-blend poplin skirt in saccharine pink hues.

Hussein Bazaza

Hussein Bazaza is no stranger to pink. Their “Stegosaurus Jacket” — an oversized double silk satin with geometric cuts, structured cap sleeves and a ruched hem with branded drawstrings, is one we’re eyeing this season.


Racil’s Shirin twisted satin maxi dress is the perfect spring/summer dress for every closet. It is elegantly draped from lustrous satin with cutouts at the bodice and a twisted front, creating a sculptural silhouette that is bound to have you stand out.


Saudi-Arabia based brand, Abadia, best known for their monochromatic, neutral and nude color pallet, playfully pushed boundaries in Fall/ Winter 2021 with not one, but two pink, or rather fuschia, garments. The Lamia dress, featured in our most recent FTA editorial, and the Nouf Jacket speak to both function and indulgence.