For the fifth episode of our takeovers series with the FTA 2022 Prize finalists, we’re featuring that sparkliest of categories: Jewelry.

So, we asked the Lebanese Alexandra Hakim, the Egyptian Fatma Mostafa and the Moroccans Dalila Barkache and Youssra Nichane (Dihyan) to film themselves while they showed us their signature piece, told us about their favorite city in the MENA region and talked about the designers who inspire them and about their expectations when they travel to Qatar in October for the Prize event. We also asked them to tell us who they dream of dressing on the red carpet and how their relatives might describe them using three words.

Here are their answers…


Alexandra Hakim’s signature pieces are her match sticks earrings. “The silver ones, because the gold ones are out of stock,” she says with a smile.

Dalila Barkache’s signature piece is a ring, a combination of 80-carat yellow gold and oxydate silver. “It’s a bold approach, because I liberated the solitaire, giving it new proportions and a new freedom,” she says.

Fatma Mostafa chose the earrings from her Water Lilies collection as her signature piece. “They are the closest to my heart. I had the best time working on them and the feedback I received was the best moment in my life,” she recalls.

If she has to choose one signature piece, Youssra Nichane would pick her Johar set. “The bride wears it in a very traditional wedding ceremony, but we’re very happy to see it worn on any other occasion,” says the designer.


Alexandra Hakim names Azza Fahmy as her biggest source of inspiration. “I visited her studio in Cairo, and I appreciated her work ethics and the way she does everything,” says the designer.

Dalila Barkache doesn’t hesitate and names Azzedine Alaia as her inspiration. “His brand is based on work ethics and a profound love. He said once ‘Je suis une petite main’, and this says a lot about his philosophy,” she adds.

Fatma Mostafa also names Azza Fahmy. “I’m inspired by her story, she’s one of the few successful women in Egypt and the Middle East,” she says.

Youssra Nichane names Zineb Britel, the cofounder of Zyne, as one of her sources of inspiration. “She followed her passion and turned it into a business,” she says.


“I am looking forward to getting to know the other designers and the leaders of the industry,” says Alexandra Hakim.

Dalila Barkache is looking forward to “getting back on the right track” after losing her source of production in the Beirut Blast of 2020.

“I want to be the winner,” says Fatma Mostafa simply.

“Being chosen as a finalist is literally a dream come true. Going to Doha is an amazing opportunity for us to celebrate Moroccan craftsmanship and take our brand to the next level,” says Youssra Nichane.


“Beirut. Despite the chaos, it never ceases to inspire,” says Alexandra Hakim.

“Beirut. It was very liberating when I lived there, I found a huge freedom in my work in the chaos of the city and this is essential to my creativity,” says Dalila Barkache.

Fatma Mostafa names Siwa Oasis as her place. “I find peace of mind and serenity there,” she says.

“Beirut. Something very special touched me when I visited this city. It’s very rich culturally and the resilience of the people is amazing,” says Youssra Nichane.


Alexandra Hakim: “They say I’m direct, loyal and hard working.”

Dalila Barkache: “They say I’m ingenious, precious and unpretentious.”

Fatma Mostafa: “They say I’m patient, persistent and independent.”

Youssra Nichane: “They say I’m optimistic, stubborn and a dreamer.”


Alexandra Hakim dreams of dressing her “all time favorite” actress, Meryl Streep.

Dalila Barkache would “looooove to dress His Majesty Mohammed VI”, King of Morocco. “He is really into fashion and he rocks,” she says.

Fatma Mostafa wants to dress Egyptian actress Youssra and American-Palestinian model Bella Hadid.

Youssra Nichane also names Meryl Streep when asked who she dreams of dressing on the red carpet.