Talel Paris was founded by Moroccan designer Leila Roukni in 2019. The brand offers Italian-made leather handbags and accessories with a strong focus on sharp designs and unconventional shapes and concentrates on sustainable production. 

Roukni has more than ten years of experience when it comes to the leather goods industry, all of it accumulated in Paris. She’s worked for big brands such as Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent, where she was in charge of the leather bags section. 

“I was very worried about having to do the same work over and over again,” said Roukni. Finding it all too commercial, she wanted to branch out. 

“I needed more freedom and more creativity in my work, something out of the ordinary but still accessible,” said Roukni. Seeking something new, the designer took the decision to launch her own brand. Roukni is targeting a generation that is ready to set its own rules and that is disrupted by the norm, she says, “We do not compromise our creative process, we just trust our gut with our creations.”

The designer utilizes a radical color palette, which has become the most important element of the brand. The colors and the inspiration come from the Roukni’s travels around the globe. 

Roukni emphasizes on three main aspects when it comes to work ethics. She is a firm believer of the slow fashion industry. 

“I was shocked by all the pieces we produced and never got to sell when I was working in big fashion houses,” she says, “the system is slow and we need to balance it out and switch into a slow fashion industry,” she added. 

Specific skills

Talel Paris focuses on quality over quantity. The designer creates only a few pieces, all produced locally and made to last. The brand releases two collections per year and they never go on sale. 

The third element of her approach to ethical fashion is the savoir faire of her artisans, “All the artisans I work with have specific skills for each production process and their expertise has been passed down from one generation to the other,” said the designer.

Alongside her laudable approach to production and work, the brand aims to create genderless designs to fit everyone and to give an edge to all kinds of outfits. 

“I want my designs to accompany those who share the same boldness and creativity,” said Roukni.