If 2021 has taught us anything, it is that we should be careful about our health. We know that being physically active during a pandemic and a lockdown is not your ideal go to for staying healthy, but trust us when we say you will feel much better after a session at your local fitness center. This year is all about leaving your old habits in the past and embarking on a spiritual and physical journey to wellness and happiness. We have scouted the region and found several fitness centers that we know would be the perfect fit for you. 

With various locations across Lebanon, Fitness Zone is a great facility to go to regardless of which branch you join. Once you are a member, gym enthusiasts can enter any of their facilities and enjoy more than 900 classes offered every month. Our personal favorite location is the Dalfa Bay Manara gym as it overlooks the sea. Who doesn’t love to work out in a spacious environment that allows sunlight into the room and soul? 





Emotional benefits

We know that some of you (myself included) consider shopping an extreme sport. Well, today with the very renowned Barrys Bootcamp that has opened its doors at the Gate Mall in Doha, Qatar, so you get to do to enjoy two workouts in a single outing. The weekly schedule at Barrys is divided to target a particular part of your body every day. Mondays are all about abs and arms, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for chest, back and abs, Thursday are for toning those perky abs and booty and, for you gym lovers who love to go all the way, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are for the whole body. No doubt that by the week’s end we’ll all be regretting ever signing up in the first place … or maybe not.

Ladies, we see you and we appreciate you, so we decided to include an all women fitness club in our guide. Nuyu is the leading female only chain of fitness clubs in Saudi Arabia. It was founded by Princess Sara Al Saud and takes a unique approach that focuses on the physical aspects of fitness as well as the emotional and psychological benefits that complement your personal lifestyle. Nuyu offers more than 90 group exercises per week, so if you prefer working out with people, you know where to go to. 

Let’s collectively break a sweat together and embrace the upcoming year with positive thoughts and a healthy lifestyle!