The festive season is upon us, and we know that most of you are excited to look your best this month. Leos, Geminis and Libras, we’re looking at you especially! You’ll never miss out on a chance to shine, and we love you for that. If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s to let go of everybody’s expectations, to unapologetically be ourselves, and to go for what rings true to our hearts. There’s an undeniable truth to what the stars and planets tell us about our personalities and future. We’ll get into that, for sure, but, most importantly, let’s see what they have to say about our fashion choices!

And here’s to hoping you end this year with light and love. Let’s go into 2022 with an eye on our wellbeing, a focus on our inner drive, and an important reshuffle of our priorities. Find what matters to you, plan for it, believe in it, trust in yourself, and go for it. The stars have a big say, but so do you.


Aries, don’t play safe this year. To your core, you’re a full-on risk taker and you might have been playing yourself down to keep others around you, or yourself, comfortable. So, go back to your fiery roots and wear bold colors, and eye-catching, statement pieces. Going into 2022, what we’d suggest is to keep an eye on your finances, and to try to have a healthier, more balanced diet. Health is wealth, darling!


My Taurean friend, your personality is a balance of some Venus glam and the practicality of an Earth sign. Take this combination to your wardrobe, and opt for something down-to-earth, yet glamorous. A comfortable statement, we would say. You like reliability, so take your outfit for a test ride before throwing it on! 2022 looks good on you, and your love for the finer things in life won’t be much of a financial inconvenience anymore.


Gemini, you might agree with us today and change your mind tomorrow, but all we can say is prints, prints, prints! We see you pulling off anything you set your mind to, whenever you finally decide on something, though. Your innate charm and witty personality is your best accessory, but we love a colorful earring! Get rid of that imposter syndrome and take a chance on your career in 2022, the stars have your back.


Adorable Cancer, get out of your shell! Now that we have your attention, we want to push you to use your unique creativity to create your holiday look, while keeping it cozy, of course. Why don’t you go for a statement dress and accessories, but with fun flats to tie it all together? Do we hear wedding bells, or is 2022 at least going to give you space for a healthy relationship? Seems like it!


Queen of the jungle and the party, Leo is here to steal the show! Whether you’re outgoing or a shier specimen, you were born to shine, don’t be afraid to embrace bolder selections at the store! You love overdoing it, so we’d suggest a killer, two-tone look with simple accessories. 2022 brings you financial growth, but make sure not to spend all your money on shiny things!


Virgo, we know how comfortable the inside of your house is for you, but it’s time to show your true colors! Modest perfectionism is your middle name, and we know you love a good outfit. Wear something edgy, and put something practical on top. Taking the conventional and adding your touch to it is your superpower. Your career and love life look promising in 2022, but take only well considered decisions, as you always do.


Venus is here! Charming, romantic Libra, you don’t really need fashion advice, but we’ll still give it to you. We know you love to have a million pieces of everything, so go for a sexy, monochrome look with some added bling and feathers. 2022 will be amazing if you shift your focus to your wellbeing. Your career’s looking good, but turn to someone with more experience before making big changes. You’ll do that anyway, but still. 


The “most hated sign of the zodiac”, as voted by people who know nothing about astrology, Scorpio! Flaunt your brave, ambitious nature and don’t be afraid of intimidating others with your intensity and passion. Wear something dark, but you weren’t waiting on us to tell you that. Sustainable leather is a good embodiment of your style. 2022 will bring some highs and lows, so always turn to your undoubted inner strength and intuition for guidance.


Sagittarius, you love a spontaneous outburst, and we’re here to help you plan your outfit, so you don’t end up choosing it last-minute. You’re not afraid of a bold statement, and you have that adventurous edge to you. If anyone can pull off cut-out pants, it’s you. Avoid the impulse to wear every single color out there. Connect to your spirit in 2022, as you previously couldn’t hear it through the sound of your endless inner chatter.


Bring it to the office! Capricorn slays it on the runway and the office, too. Nothing would make more sense than putting you in a power suit, with a bold ambitious color and some beautiful, yet discreet, gold pieces. Success looks good on you, Capricorn! 2022 is a great time to start a new project, your favorite thing to do. Practice patience and stop worrying about arbitrary measurements of accomplishment.


Earth to Aquarius! Your uniqueness is unpredictable. Instead of letting that hinder you, realize how much of a gift it is. In a world of copy-paste, be the exception. You already are naturally, you just have to flaunt it! This holiday, express your individuality with a distinctive print, a special shape, and some quirky, expressive accessories. 2022 is looking favorable for you, just don’t be hasty. Trust the timing of your life.


Last but not least, Pisces! It’s time to wake up from that nap, and get your magic on. Close your eyes, and imagine the perfect holiday season dress. We’re getting transmissions: ethereal, flowy, fluid, translucent. Your intuition was right, we totally agree! Opt for something delicate and graceful, with a dash of shine. Trust the manifestation of your success in 2022, and it will happen. Keep a close eye on your health, too.