Squid Game has taken over our screens after years of development. The script was rejected by studios for over 10 years – today, it has become Netflix’s most watched show ever. For those who haven’t seen the show yet (what are you waiting for?), let me brief you! Squid Game is a dystopian Korean drama inspired by the games the show’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, used to play as a child. You’re probably thinking – that’s it? Not quite, and I’m not here to spoil it for you, but let’s just say, violence, blood and gruesome deaths are thrown into the mix and you’re sure to be on edge the whole time. The show is not for the faint-hearted, so proceed with caution.

The series shocked viewers with its brutality as they watched players gamble with their lives in a series of games. But that’s not all. The show has shocked the fashion industry as well, proving that glitz and glam isn’t the only thing that sells. According to data compiled by Lyst, global searches for retro-inspired tracksuits were up 97%, searches for the color teal were up 130%, while white slip-on sneakers were up 145%. In fact, the “Squid Game Effect” is responsible for a 7800% spike in sales of white Vans Slip-Ons.

With Halloween around the corner, we’re expecting to see the “Squid Game Effect” in full force. Expect green tracksuits, hot pink jumpsuits and a lot of masks. But let’s take a moment to re-style the players using items from MENA-based designers for each of the 6 games that took place.

Round 1: Red Light, Green Light:

It’s the first game, you’re just getting the gist of things, so stay low and do not be a distraction – especially because you’ve got an enormous doll watching your every move.

Round 1: The Players are dressed by The Giving Movement clothing Brand

Round 2: Honeycomb/Ppopgi

If you’re in a “dreamy” pastel setting, live out your pastel fantasy, while you’re still alive, that is.

Round 2: The Players are dressed by 1309 Studio

Round 3: Tug of War

Strength or strategy? You may have to watch the show to find out. Regardless, you’ll need to use both to stand a chance. So a comfortable outfit is your friend.

Round 3: The players are dressed by Lama Jouni

Round 4: Marbles

This game is all about nostalgia. We’ve all dipped our toes in a game of marbles at some point. A retro outfit, with a print of pop culture icon Haifa Wehbe would be my choice.

Round 4: The Players are dressed by tRASHY

Round 5: Glass Stepping Stones

The VIP’s are in attendance, so let’s play the part. Seduce them with a sexy look to distract them from what’s at stake – your life.

Round 5: The Players are dressed by Monot

The Final Round: Squid Game

It’s all or nothing now. It could be your last day on Earth, and you’ll have to fight if you want to stay alive. What would you choose? A glamorous outfit so you’ll look good when you win, or something more comfortable to battle it out in?

Round 6: The Players are dressed by Romani