Summer calls for creativity. If there’s one sure way you can show off your personality, it’s with a touch of nail art. When we say touch, we mean glamor, glitz and a gel manicure that will survive trips to the beach and beyond. Here, three of the region’s leading professionals share their top tips for making your wearable art last and the trends that are all the rage right now.

Ines Germain, Founder of NailBar, Tunis

“This year, we’ve been focusing a lot on fun pastel designs inspired by the ’90s and early 2000s,” begins Ines Germain, the founder of NailBar in Tunis. Another big trend she is enjoying is a jewel-embellished manicure. “Why just wear them if you can add them on the nails?” she quips. The French manicure is also back, for both hands and feet, for those looking for a more classic approach.

However, if you have the chance to visit the salon, you can also invest in something unique, “Our favorite is to get inspired by many different forms of art or artists, paintings, illustrations, graffiti and to translate this to the world of nail design!” explains Germain. Their most recent designs are a collaboration with Tunisian artist Safa Attyaoui and they celebrate her bold aesthetic. As for how to make your manicure last, Germain says, “Finding a professional nail technician does the trick.”

Haneen Odeh, Founder of Snob Salon, Dubai

Snob Salon is known for its long lasting, game-changing manicures. “Definitely avoid keeping your nails in water for too long, like on the beach. Use gloves if you’re using detergents, because they can cause the manicure to chip,” says founder Haneen Odeh. Other tips include always keeping a cuticle oil to hand to ensure your nail beds are hydrated and not picking at your polish. “This can speed up the chipping, as well as damage your nails,” explains Odeh.

One of the salon’s bestselling treatments is their gel overlay. “It’s your best bet for a long-lasting manicure. Ask for a BIAB (builder in a bottle) gel overlay, and your manicure will last at least three weeks,” she advises. As for the season’s top trends? Just like Germain, Odeh is seeing a revival of the 90s and French manicure requests. “Floral designs are also huge this season, and we have many requests for dainty daisies and other floral nail art,” she adds.

Zeina Aouad, Founder of Emak Urban Spa, Beirut

Emak Urban Spa is of the most trusted salons in Beirut, and founder Zeina Aouad knows how to make your manicure last. For those that don’t want to use gel or acrylics, she suggests, “Use a top-quality primer and base coat and when layering the nail polish, ensure its done in thin layers.” Making sure there’s enough drying time will also help you not to smudge your new look and you should regularly apply cuticle oil. “It keeps the skin hydrated,” explains Aouad.

When it comes to the shape of your manicure, the two most popular, strongest looks are the stiletto or almond for those wishing for a long look, and square shape tips for short looks. For summer, she suggests following the French trend but making more of a statement with rainbow tips. “You can also opt for an ombré French, which sees the white tip fade into the pink or neutral base,” she says. Bold nail art designs are also on her radar, as well as vivid reds, some even arriving in neon hues.