There’s a dynamic place to shop in Amman. Co-founded by Faisal Salfiti, HotSpot is a new type of concept store that aims to support local creatives. The store, located in Swefieh Village, is home to furniture, fashion, jewelry, a café and a micro gym. “We decided to open HotSpot when we realized that real estate in Amman was becoming expensive. Those operating in retail were more price-sensitive. As such, our solution was to offer an all-inclusive smaller commercial space with no hassle when it comes to commercial tax,” says Salfiti.

In A Heartbeat – an everyday fine jewelry brand based in Amman – was one of the first to join HotSpot. “HotSpot’s concept was interesting to us because it is part of a bigger vision to evolve the multi-brand concept store shopping experience in Jordan,” says Alanoud AlSaad, head of business development at In A Heartbeat. “Being in HotSpot gives us a chance to meet our customers and directly engage with them in discussions related to customized designs. Our display at Swefieh Village has definitely made the In A Heartbeat shopping experience a lot more intimate, eye-opening and fun, for both the brand and our customers.”

When it comes to the brand’s retail strategy, Alsaad says that HotSpot has been very effective as it gave them a better understanding of their target market. “Our business model has always been online, yet venturing into a physical point-of-sale has definitely helped us boost sales and has given our customers a chance to familiarize with both the brand and the team behind it.”

Swefieh Village, where HotSpot is located, is the newest outdoor retail district in Amman. Spanning over 36,000 square meters, it is home to lifestyle, shopping and dining attractions. Built upon the mission to support and nourish local talent, Swefieh Village hosts homegrown restaurants, fashion designers, entertainment centers and more, with 95% of its space currently occupied by local change makers.