The party season is almost upon us, and if there’s one change we’ve been seeing as we scroll through social media, it’s some of our favorite ‘It’ girls swapping up their looks. Not just throwing on a new jacket or sweeping a new shade across their lips, the trend of the moment is red hair. Ranging from crimson to copper and berry brights to burgundy, it’s a brave move that even those who don’t usually experiment have given a go.

Red hair might be rare in the Gulf in comparison to other shades, but the color does date back to Ancient Egyptian times. Many pharaonic mummies have been found to have had crimson locks. Although some studies suggest that they were naturally redheads, others say they dyed their locks using henna. Fast forward to today, and one of the most famous redheads is marking her return with The Little Mermaid movie trailer having just debuted, with the film set to release in 2023.

For some, it may be the Ariel effect. For others, it’s having unrestricted access to their hairdressers in a post Covid world. But, there are tricks involved if you want to achieve those glorious reds. “Red is one of the hardest colors to get in the hair and an even harder one to remove afterwards. My biggest tip would be to really make sure you want to be a redhead before doing it and to go to a stylist you trust,” says celebrity hairstylist and founder of Collective hair salon in Dubai, Deena Alawaid.

Not all hair is the same, and there are many shades of red on the spectrum, so it’s essential to find a colorist who can adapt to your hair and style. “I love working with color to create my reds. With Aveda color being customizable, I can make sure each creation is perfect for my client’s hair type,” says Joe Hill, Aveda‘s International Technical Capability Manager, on a recent trip to the region.

Our experts have some key tips to follow for redheads to ensure their color stays vibrant. “A word of warning, reds fades, especially in the sun. To ensure my client is happy, I always glaze my reds with a direct dye after the service. This helps to make the tone pop and give that additional protection against fade,” says Hill. Once you get home, Alawaid adds, “To keep your color lasting longer, wash using cooler temperature water, use toning shampoos or my favorite DIY tip is adding some pure pigment into a clear-based treatment such as Olaplex, so when you mask at home, you’re actually helping top up your color at the same time.”

Ready to go red? Here are five influencers to help you select your shade.


Cyrielle Verstuyft

Nayla Abdelnour

Oumayma Elboumeshouli

Rania Fawazz