It is snowing in Paris at the start of spring. A happy, light snow, which barely melts when it touches the ground. Not far from the Madeleine Church, 2, Rue Tronchet, wrapped in this celestial cotton that transforms the noises of the city into whispers, passers-by stop dreamily in front of the Eres flagship where figures in the window present the House’s new swimwear collection. A ruckus of bright colors highlighted with white lines, an aquatic choreography under electric light, allow you to project yourself straight into a summer that will be long in coming. Behind this deployment of tangy freshness hides a surprise.

Take this stairway

As soft to the eye as they are to the skin, the materials are sublime. The cuts magnify the body, embrace the curves, sheath, sculpt, support, give confidence. Eres’ motto is to never let a woman feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit. Push this door, take the beautiful wooden staircase. At the end of the steps, you have the impression of having gone from day to night, from sunshine to the reflection of the moon on the sea. Displayed there, a surprising collection whose palette, both dark and glimmering, invites you to an elegant night party on a beach. All this was made in collaboration with the Lebanese designer Rabih Kayrouz.

“All the time, all day”

“In my obsession with creating a wardrobe, I wanted to complete Maison Rabih Kayrouz’s offer with beachwear for the pleasure of seeing the woman I love dressed by me all the time, all day long”, explains Rabih Kayrouz to Pulse. He adds: “The swimsuits were missing, and working on this collection with Eres was obvious. In this type of collaboration, I always want each piece to be made by the most competent person to do it,” emphasizes the designer. Hence he worked with Eres, “because they make the best swimwear, and it’s a chance to have been able to do it with this great brand,” says Kayrouz.

Tawny print and paradoxes

The Eres X Maison Rabih Kayrouz capsule is available in two universes: Swimwear: four models including two one-piece and two-piece swimsuits in lamé lurex and two one-piece and two-piece swimsuits in the emblematic Peau Douce ERES fabric in MRK’s signature print, Fauve (a hand-drawn ink-stained leopard pattern).

Six pieces of beachwear: a bodysuit and a pareo skirt in jersey in the Waterproof color (an intense navy blue) – a shirt, pants and a visor in Fauve-printed cotton voile – as well as a shirt in Waterproof cotton voile.

Why did you choose this dark palette, we ask him, “Eres does the colors well, they don’t need me for that. And I love this iconic Rabih Kayrouz print that I designed myself in 2013. I also wanted lamé for festive beach outfits. I imagined them in Beirut, it would have been perfect!” confides the designer.

This paradox of the “dressy” swimsuit, completed by a light shirt with puffed sleeves and generous pleats, as well as a veil-cap with a visor, also opens up the collection to modest fashion. The Eres X Maison Rabih Kayrouz capsule is available at all Eres and Maison Rabih Kayrouz points of sale around the world, as well as on the websites and