Can’t think of the perfect holiday gift this season? Need a quick trip to a place nearby? We’ve got you covered! Al-Ula seems to be the destination on everyone’s minds. We’ve enlisted the help of Saudi Arabian content creator, Nojoud Al-Rumaihi, so you don’t have to think twice.

Q1: What do you think is the must-have fashion gift for this season?

A classic trench coat, a piece that never goes out of style and can be an asset in your wardrobe for years to come. It’s a staple piece for many fashion houses as well, so it’s a classic that you will never regret.

Q2: What do you think is the must-have beauty gift for this season?

Dior forever concealer, it’s the best of the best! I’ve been using it for the past year and it’s my favorite go to beauty product.
I also recommend, the Hermes blushes as they are highly pigmented and beautiful to use daily.

Q3: We’re looking for all things local this holiday season. Who should we go for and what do you suggest we pick up? 

So many! Where do I begin? Local talents are taking over, they understand the market and deliver perfectly. One of my favorite local brands is Moja Majka. They create handmade one off kaftans that truly resemble art and pure pieces of craftsmanship
In regards to beauty, I’m in love with mamas alchemy’s scrubs and enjoy using them so much.

Q4: We’re booking a trip for the holidays and need some recommendations. Where do you suggest we go and why?

AlUla, where else. It’s pure magic, nothing like you have ever seen before. It’s the quiet yet fun destination you need to reset and start a new year, it’s one of the most ethereal experiences you will ever live. AlUla is truly pure magic, authenticity, and a destination you will never forget.

Q5: What are your new year’s resolutions, if any?

To be healthy, to be grounded, to live more and worry less, to spend quality time with my family and be thankful for all the little things I often forget while chasing the bigger dreams. I want this year to be the year of contentment, tranquility, and peace.