The Holiday season is fast approaching and we’re all out here hunting down the best finds. Need some inspiration? We’ve enlisted the help of Iraqi content creator, Dima Sheikhly, so you don’t have to think twice.

Q1: What would you bring/ contribute to a Secret Santa Gift Exchange? (Value less than USD 500)

Can never go wrong with a classic black pair of Philo Eyewear style PETRA.

Q2: What would you bring/ contribute to a Secret Santa Gift Exchange? (Value more than USD 500)

Christmas calls for Vintage! Chanel vintage section on Ounass, maybe some earrings or cuffs.

Q3: What do you think is the must-have fashion gift for this season? 

A pair of Jimmy Choo‘s, their holiday collection is filled with bows and sparkle to add that holiday glam.

Q4: What do you think is the must-have beauty gift for this season?

By Mina Sheikhly mascaras for sure! It’s the only mascara I use! They’re affordable, amazing and gives your lashes the volume it needs.

Q5: We’re looking for all things local this holiday season. Who should we go for and what do you suggest we pick up?

Call me biased because she’s my friend but L’afshar! It’s one of my favorite brands here in dubai. Everything she creates from clutches to leather bags to candles and tables all made from the same material!

Q6: We’re booking a trip for the holidays and need some recommendations. Where do you suggest we go and why?

AlUla in Saudi Arabia is a must visit! We have so many beautiful places in the Middle East and AlUla has got to be one my favorites! It’s heaven on earth, a place to relax, reflect and unwind, especially when its end of year.

Q7: What are your new year’s resolutions, if any?

Gotta say I love this question! I have a-lot of new year resolutions! But what tops my list is to always strive to be good and do good no matter where I am in the world.