We’re craving a little bit of inspiration right now, especially with all the hassle that comes with holiday gifting. We’ve reached out to Abdulla for some last minute advice. Here’s what he says to say.

Q1:What would you bring/ contribute to a Secret Santa Gift Exchange? 

I think that its always really important with any Secret Santa to know who the person you are gifting something to is. I always enjoy gifts that are something funny which tend to be more memorable than anything else.

Q2: What would you bring/ contribute to a Secret Santa Gift Exchange? (Value more than USD 500)

With something that goes over $500 I think that I would gift jewellery because I think that jewellery is also very sentimental, it’s something that someone keeps with them forever, it’s not like a wear and tear. I would definitely recommend pieces of jewellery, like a really beautiful pendant or something that has your star sign on it which could be really cute…

Q3. We’re looking for all things local this holiday season. Who should we go for and what do you suggest we pick up?

For all things local, Mukhi sisters Jewelry. All their pieces are all really unique, everything has really huge meaning behind it and overall there pieces are really special which I truly love.

Q4: We’re booking a trip for the holidays and need some recommendations. Where do you suggest we go and why?

I would recommend somewhere tropical to escape the winter cold and travel somewhere different and less cliché. A lot of people that I know tend to go skiing or travel to winter destinations which are all very beautiful, but personally I prefer being somewhere more tropical with an overall more calm and chill atmosphere.

Q5: What are your new year’s resolutions, if any?

My new year’s resolutions which is super cliché would have to be that of becoming healthier and leading a healthier lifestyle which I have been slacking as of lately as I have been traveling for work.