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Zeid Hijazi

Skills Needed:


Founded by Zeid Hijazi in 2019, A Jordanian – Palestinian designer and Central Saint Martins alumnus. The brand seeks to challenge conventional norms by posing thought-provoking storytelling about the mysteries of a futuristic yet dystopian Arab universe, all the while incorporating echoes of heritage and Middle Eastern craftsmanship. The outcome of this pursuit manifests in sophistically made garments that straddle the realms of ancient folklore and Arab futurism.
Celebrating the designers everlasting fascination in subcultures, goths, ancient civilizations, metaphysics and more.

Zeid won the FTA Debut Talent prize for designer just starting out back in 2020. He then proceeded to work in the industry, eventually launching his label. This journey led him back to FTA, where he is now competing in the Ready to Wear category three years later.