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Yousra Elsadig

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Boutique de Nana

Boutique de Nana is a luxury sustainable brand that specializes in unique and trendy clothing. It has the objective of breaking stereotypes, merging cultures, and advocating for inclusion and the celebration of uniqueness within fashion. Boutique De Nana has showcased its work during London, Milan, and Paris Fashion weeks. Moreover, the brand’s extensive social and fashion impact is marked by a wide range of national and international awards and coverage by international media, including appearances in three BBC documentaries. The brand also raises funds for causes such as girls’ education and other issues the founders feel strongly about.


Boutique de Nana was founded by Yousra Elsadig, a Sudanese fashion designer, double-degree holder, wife, a mother of two and who specializes in eye care and comes from a family of medical care providers. She founded her brand when she took a maternity break before going for her second degree in the UK. Yousra’s message revolves around ethical fashion with an impact and inspiring women from all walks of life to pursue their dreams regardless of how unconventional or unrealistic they may seem to those around them.