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Sara Chraibi

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Sara Chraibi was born in Rabat in 1982 in a cultural and artistic environment. She learned embroidery and sewing since childhood from her mother. After architecture studies in Rabat, she moved to Paris for a master degree in philosophy and architecture theory.

Once in Paris, her passion for fashion increased. She was motivated by the desire to enhance and update know how to art craft in Morocco. Sara Chraibi founded her couture house in Rabat in2014. Her stamp in fashion is known for accuracy and purity of lines and for her multed faceted embroidery. From Sara’s first job as architect, she has kept straightforwardness of building and the sense of precision. Her creations interbreeding footprints both local and kaleidoscopic coming long way from authentic roots. From 2020 to 2021, Sara Chraïbi pursued an executive MBA in Global Fashion Management at Institut Francais de la mode (IFM) in Paris. In November 2022 she became a guest member of the french federation of haute couture and fashion and presented her collections in January and July inthe official calendar of Parisian haute couture week.

By bringing a North African and Mediterranean point of view, Sara Chraibi aspires to a fashion that celebrates femininity, for the beauty of the creative gesture, for the freedom of movement and adornment.