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Şansım Adalı

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Sansim Adali, creator of SUDIETUZ, graduated from LaSalle Academy with a Fashion Design major, and was mentored in Antwerp in conceptual design. A wife and mother of two, born in Istanbul, Turkey, Adali established her brand SUDIETUZ (a combination of her family names) in 2016. The brand reflects how she blends her Syrian roots with contemporary Turkish legacies, which is clearly reflected in all her collections.

Her first feminine collection showcased her vision as hyper textured and colorful. Her aim is set on lifting up couture using her chosen signature fabric, tulle, perfectly and in the most trendy and innovative way. Adali is environmentally conscious and strives to incorporate sustainable fabrics at every opportunity.

Defined as “street couture” her designs are visually immersive and romantically abstract. Very early on in her career she received the Leading Emerging Designer award from Elle Magazine.

Each season she surprises with digital and interdisciplinary presentations, making her real world appeal virtual. With her passion for technology, Adali created virtual humans with Artificial Intelligence and added them into her fashion journey as seen in her 3D Metaverse Collection with DressX.

Adali has enjoyed successful mass-market collaborations with LCWaikiki, Erikli waterbottles, and Coca-Cola energy drinks and offers a digital design experience to millions of people in Turkey as well as Eurasia. She is highly sought after as a stylist by celebrities.

Adali’s loyalty to her design vision equates to representing the opulence of her multicultural being, personalizing her cultural traditions whilst redefining couture at her atelier in Istanbul with a team composed of fashion designers, 3D artists and computer engineers. It is here where she designs wearable fashion alongside digital versions of her designs.

Her biggest inspiration stems from her family and her cultural roots and her future plans include exploring handcrafts and supporting local craftsman in Turkey.