Rafael Pavarotti


Photographer Rafael Pavarotti was born in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest in 1993. His earliest photographs were made in collaboration with his young friends, who pooled their money to purchase film shot along the beaches and around the abandoned buildings of their locale. At 16, Pavarotti left his remote hometown, committed to establishing a professional practice in the urban centers of fashion and media.
Pavarotti attributes the rich and vibrant color palette of his photographs to the everyday sights of his upbringing. His work is often characterized by its fusion of vivid tones with bold compositional arrangements, revealing fashion as sculptural adornment.
Pavarotti is passionate about addressing the imbalance of Black representation in fashion and broader historical narratives. Expressing his ambition to help under-represented populations of today find equitable representation in the future, Pavarotti has said, “much of what I do today is for the next generations to come, and those who are not yet born.”