Lebanese-born Rachad Tabiat is the owner of AlOthman, Kuwait’s first multi-brand high-end boutique. The store, founded by his father in 1956, was one of the first to bring European brands to the Middle East. Today, AlOthman offers both luxury designer brands and contemporary fashion labels, in addition to being instrumental in nurturing emerging talent by giving local designers a space to present and promote their pieces.

Alongside the 50,000-square-foot flagship boutique in the heart of Kuwait’s busiest shopping districts, AlOthman opened a second outpost in Bahrain’s Moda Mall in 2007. In 2013, Rachad set his sights on London with the introduction of On Motcomb, a multi-brand boutique devoted to Red Carpet attire. Over the last two years, he has also delved into e-commerce with the launch of the56.com – an online platform for evening wear – and TheVault56.com, an online outlet for designer gowns.