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Oubadah Nouktah

Skills Needed:


Behind the geometric pieces of NOUKTAH, the material express itself, giving rise to bags of smooth radicality.
NOUKTAH, which means “point” in Arabic, like the point of a seam, reveals the Syrian heritage of Oubadah Nouktah’s dressmaking ancestors. Each model whispers a story of transformation and rebirth, while embodying an innovative alliance with his child passion, automotive design.
The first line introduces an innovation with its intuitive bag and patented opening, inspired by the roof system of convertible cars, called the “cabriolet bag”. It’s a unique and satisfying experience designed for everyday use.
At the same time, the line redefines sustainability by giving a new life to car parts from scrap yards to high-end bags for special occasions.
It’s the harmony between tradition and innovation, creating a space where bold artistry merges with timeless elegance.