Skills Needed:
Moulham Obid

Skills Needed:


Moulham Obid’s couture collections are defined by his exciting, sustainable, detailed creations which are handcrafted over hundreds of hours. From recycling used textiles and clothes to choosing eco-friendly, natural and organic materials, his designs capture a vision of modern femininity for a better future. His creations elevate his clients’ individuality while keeping sustainability in the front row of every piece he creates.

With elaborate patterns, artistic draping, and pleats, Obid’s designs reveal the client’s desire to present a mix of modern, linear structures blended with romantic, imaginative femininity. His creations are sophisticated extravagance at their best. He combines diverse materials to create standout contemporary, sustainable feminine silhouettes.


Through his exciting and artistic creative talents, he arranges sheer tulle ruffles among cascades of silk, while skillfully placing intricate hand-embroidered details onto his creations. In his collections, he reveals his feeling for complex volumes and modern proportions. As his work is first derived through an artistic lens, he then transports these visions into unique, individual pieces that speak to every modern woman.