Michele Lamy eludes simple categorization. She is an entrepreneur and producer, collaborator  and performer, wife and business partner to Rick Owens, with whom she has built an empire, Owenscorp. She occupies a unique place within culture, enjoying iconic  status in both the fashion and art worlds.

She’s the producer of the RO furniture collection, working closely with the artisans in the construction process as well as directing the positioning and presentation of the works, including shows at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris and MOCA in LA.

In 2014 Lamy created Lamyland, an umbrella term for her independent creative endeavors, bringing together all the key elements integral to her practice – experimentation, collaboration, storytelling and creation. In a  sense it is a natural progression to her infamous Les Deux Cafe, the LA cabaret spot she founded, curated and ran in the 1990s. Lamyland is a cultural movement and an architectural instillation that functions as a communal gathering space for performances, social engagement and contemplation.

In 2017, Lamy formed the conceptual band Lavascar with the artist Nico Vascellari and her daughter Scarlett Rouge. They have released two albums with lyrics derived from the poetry of Langston Hughes and Etal Adnan respectively, and have been invited to perform at both the Pompidou in Paris and the Triennale in Milan.