Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia


Co-creative directors, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia

Laura Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and began developing her skills as a child, learning the basics of sewing from her grandmother. She moved to New York to attend Pratt Institute and excelled in the fashion design program, eventually landing an internship at Oscar de laRenta where her impressive work and critical eye led to a permanent position upon graduation.

Laura worked closely with Mr. de la Renta as his Design Director, supervising collection development and managing the studio responsible for fabric design, ready-to-wear, knit wear and accessories.

Today Laura is a leader in the industry, recognized for her design aesthetic and inimitable talent.


Fernando Garcia was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Drawn to the

creative field and fascinated with fashion at an early age, he went on to study architecture at the prestigious Notre Dame. He then found the opportunity to meet Mr. de la Renta to show him a book of his sketches. This led to an internship, honing his craftsmanship skills and ultimately becoming principal designer.

During his six years at the brand, Fernando helped to create some of the most iconic evening pieces in the Oscar de la Renta collection.

Laura began her career at Oscar de la Renta in 2003 and worked at the company until 2015.

Fernando also began his career at Oscar de la Renta, working at the company from 2009 until 2015 when the pair left to found Monse. Laura and Fernando returned to the house as Creative Directors, debuting their Fall 2017 collection in February 2017.