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Kazna Asker

Skills Needed:


Kazna Asker is a fashion designer who has created a brand encompassing the values associated with community, activism and charity. The brand combines her British upbringing with her Yemeni heritage, merging technical sportswear materials with traditional, woven Middle Eastern scarves and fabrics.


Purposefully designing her pieces in pairs to show the brother- and sisterhood of the Muslim community, Asker creates matching menswear and womenswear looks, as well as featuring a range of corresponding tracksuits and outerwear with Islamic abayas and thobes.


Asker collaborates directly with her local community to create graphics, film and print projects. Alongside fashion, she has contributed to community projects in her hometown of Sheffield, England, as well as volunteering with refugees in the Netherlands and working with rural communities in Nepal alongside youth-led charity Restless Development.


Along with co-organizing community fundraisers for Yemen and Palestine, and raising over £20,000 for charity, Asker has created her own charity project where she designs and sells T-shirts through which she has raised over £6,000 for humanitarian aid in Yemen.