Skills Needed:
Karen Gaballa

Skills Needed:


A keen eye for beauty is the key ingredient to have inspired the birth of this unique brand.

BOADḰ is a sustainable slow-fashion, wearable-wood brand based in Cairo.

The brand focuses on the experience of belonging to nature and nurturing the channel between women and nature.

Through the creation of spirited wooden handcrafted bags, BOΛDḰ uses wood as a space to embody art objects and patterns, avoiding exaggeration of appearance, focusing instead on material individuality.

As massive wood, epoxy and leather, some wooden purses are uniquely adorned with needlepoint embroidery, giving traditionally nostalgic elements a refreshing modern twist.

As a brand inspired and created by the natural world, it should come as no surprise that BOΛDḰ gives the natural world the respect and love it deserves; by being sustainable and promoting sustainability and slow fashion.


Founder bio:


Having been continuously transfixed by the natural beauty that surrounds her,

Karen had started her creative journey in architecture, only to have specialized her interests even further as time passed.

Architecture eventually turned into interior design, which ultimately turned into

product design – one thing led to another, knots seemed to unravel, and finally

BOΛDḰ rose to the surface.

Having always been drawn to the beautiful versatility of the wooden medium,

ever since her architecture days, Karen roped together her passion for creating

with her knowledge on how to best make use of material elements.

Having been raised in a French speaking environment all her life, it only made

sense to Karen that when it came to naming her brand, it would carry French elements.



Brand name concept:


BOΛDḰ is made up of three parts – the first part ‘BOA’ is a shortened version of

‘Bois’, the French word for ‘wood’, the second part ‘D’ is the French word ‘de’

which means ‘of’, and the ‘Ḱ’ stands for Karen… altogether it simply means

‘Wood of Karen’.