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Hamza Guelmouss is a 24-year-old emerging Moroccan fashion designer whose brand combines a downtown grungy yet luxurious vibe with a fetish for black and leather. After graduating at the top of his class from Casamoda Academy fashion school in Casablanca in 2015, Hamza had the opportunity to intern for Julien Fournié haute couture and discover the creative scene in Paris. His first collection, Dystopia 3.0, garnered pan-African recognition as the winner of the 2015 ELLE rising star competition in South Africa, as well as the 10th edition of FIMA-Africa contest in Niger in 2016. Hamza went on to collaborate with the South African retailer MRP to launch a successful range in 2017.

In parallel with his consultancies and collaborations in Morocco’s denim field, Hamza’s time and energy are devoted to crafting empowering pieces that push boundaries and question society, gender and youth culture via subverting the codes of luxury and fashion.