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Cynthia Merhej

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In the rarified realm of female-led couture, Renaissance Renaissance stands apart with its fresh approach to occasion wear, celebrating the duality of the modern-day woman while paying homage to the elegance of historical craftsmanship.
Founder Cynthia Merhej, a third generation couturier, grew up in her mother’s atelier, gaining an intimate under standing of craftsmanship’s impact on a woman’s everyday life and fostering her vision for its evolution. From a young age, Cynthia developed her craft, sketching, styling, and photographing in her mother’s atelier.

Her journey took her to London, where she honed her storytelling skills at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art. Upon returning to Beirut, Cynthia merged her passion for world building with her family’s sartorial heritage, giving birth to Renaissance Renaissance. Cynthia’s design ethos embraces life’s moments for subversive self-expression, merging opulence with the everyday.

Sportswear taffetas provide light weight functionality to evening dresses. Tulle elevates a basic cotton skirt, while imperfect finishings reduce preciousness. Meticulous attention to detail and fit brings the garments firmly into modern life, avoiding theatricality and resonating with women who don’t want to compromise design and craftsmanship over wearability.
Renaissance Renaissance affirms its Beirut roots and is dedicated to supporting Lebanese craftsmanship despite the country’s recent challenges.

With its atelier and production returning to the city, the brand aims to preserve the rich heritage of Lebanese artistry and propel it forward to a new era. Since its founding in 2016, Renaissance Renaissance has received prestigious nominations, including the LVMH Prize(2021) and the Fashion Trust Arabia Prize (2021).The brand has garnered widespread recognition and media attention, being featured in prominent publications such as the New York Times, Wmagazine, Vogue, and Le Monde.