Carmen Busquets is a Venezuelan entrepreneur, strategic investor and philanthropist, whose career in the luxury fashion industry spans over three decades. A pioneering member of the fashion-tech space, Carmen champions its potential to advance sustainable development, turning the luxury fashion industry into one that balances profit with purpose. is her current investment and philanthropic vehicle, a natural continuation of a
career that has been forged by a commitment to experiment, disrupt and challenge existing ideas. From the avant-garde luxury fashion boutique Cabus in Caracas, to her launch of CoutureLab a boutique, e-commerce and content platform with a focus on selling one-off handcrafted pieces and promoting fashion-transcending trends, Carmen has always chosen to uplift creative companies and founders that value artisan craftsmanship and cultural heritage as much as innovative technologies.

Having practiced the mind and body disciplines of mindfulness and meditation from an early age, Carmen advocates for the benefits of balancing material life with spiritual well being, a set of practices she believes to be inherently linked to her business success.

In addition to her investments in the luxury fashion, lifestyle and technology sectors, Carmen leverages her entrepreneurial expertise to help non-profit organizations engaged in the conservation of the earth’s natural resources, in sustainable economic development, and in providing education and human rights for all.