Pioneering luxury fashion entrepreneur, investor and humanitarian Carmen Busquets is an ardent supporter of artisan craftsmanship, cultural heritage and innovative technology that benefits both people and planet. Always thriving on disruptive ideas and driving progress, Carmen opened luxury boutique Cabus in her home country of Venezuela in 1990 and was an early champion of the fashion-tech space, becoming co-founder and founding investor of Net-a-Porter in 2000. Expanding on Cabus’ core values of helping to promote emerging designers and those outside the fashion industry, in 2006 she launched CoutureLab to reach a global network of entrepreneurs, artists and artisans working across fashion, lifestyle and different cultures, educating consumers about the stories behind products and those who make them.

Carmen’s current portfolio of investments spans venture capital funds, e-commerce platforms and start-ups from the fashion, lifestyle and technology sectors, all of which uphold her vision and principles for a world where sustainability is of utmost importance, quality prevails over quantity and where craftsmanship and individuality are celebrated. Highlights include: Imaginary Ventures, Felix Capital, Kindred, Farfetch, The Business of Fashion, Byronesque, Flowerbx, SonicCloud and Cult Beauty. While no longer investing in new start-ups, she continues to mentor others and hopes to inspire many more progressive founders, entrepreneurs and investors.

Carmen advises and donates to a host of global non-profit organizations and educational initiatives that share her progressive values. This work includes nurturing young designers by being on the LVMH Prize panel of experts and supporting the CFDA and the BFC Fashion Trust, as well as promoting conservation and humanitarian causes through being a member of the WWF-US National Council, International Brand & Fashion Deputy for Nest and sitting on the Board of Directors of the Latin American-focused NGOs PACUNAM, Looking for the Masters and Glasswing International.