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Ahmed Serour is a non-conforming genderless brand playing with cultural aesthetics, while trying to upcycle Egyptian heritage along with street style and pop culture visions. The clothes are infused with high-end, yet playful garments that remain true to their origins, traits, and values, while being ethically and environmentally conscious. More importantly, the Ahmed Serour label captures the MENA region’s youthful Western outlook through funky, playful, genderless attire, with clothing that respects differences and embraces bold choices. “I’ve always been trying to use my skills and practices, which I learned as a multidisciplinary artist and designer, working with both male and female bodies, to blur the line between genders,” says Ahmed. “I create my garments using different techniques, pattern cutting and design details inspired from both menswear and womenswear, in order to construct these bricolage attires.”