The collective history of the MENA region is nothing short of an epic tale. With history, comes culture and with culture come communities, celebrating that history in their day-to-day life. At the very heart of our region, is an on-going celebration of the individuals of every community. That celebration is called creativity.

Today, in light of the global pandemic, the international fashion scene has revealed itself as an active participant, on the frontlines in an attempt to contain a global crisis. It has proved to be a key player in a role that we had not imagined, where businesses and fashion industry giants have halted their design work, to help create medical and sanitary products for the world. The British Fashion Council and the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund have launched efforts in providing relief funds for businesses affected by COVID-19.

Fashion Trust Arabia stands for supporting and showcasing the immense talent the MENA region holds. It is our responsibility now, more than ever, to continue to support and highlight creativity.

We can liken the MENA region to a volcano of creativity, erupting with designers, artists, musicians, photographers, and storytellers. All of which ready to take the product of the rich history they carry in their DNA and channel it out for the world to receive.

When Fashion Trust Arabia was conceived, it was based on need. The need to give designers a platform to be able to show off to the world that not only can we produce and succeed on a regional level, but on an international one, and thrive at it too.

The devastating impact of COVID-19 will affect the lives of many... But we are hopeful and confident that designers and all artists will rise to the occasion and lead the way through supporting communities and bringing the beauty of our region to life through creativity.

The MENA region has so much to offer, and while Fashion Trust Arabia does exist to enable future designers, we also want there to be a future for design and creativity to stand tall. In our attempt to support and stand with the young creative of this generation, we’re opening up the path to many more in the future. What we do today is a domino effect; by supporting young creatives, employment opportunities, a flourishing supply chain, a community of freelancers and creative collaborations is possible, which leads to more businesses and healthy competition in the marketplace of ideas.  Only in acting now, as a community, can we stand to see brighter days ahead. All of this can be done with your help.

Join the cause, #StandWithCreatives.


#StandWithCreatives is an FTA campaign born out of these uncertain times, calling on all creative entities in the MENA region to stand together, unified.
It’s within times like these that we must tap in to our humanity, and with your help, #StandWithCreatives will shed light on the creative industry tastemakers and designers, giving them the exposure and recognition they deserve. By joining the campaign, you would be enabling one of the most essential aspects of life: creativity. Only by standing together as a community can we come out of this stronger.
#StandWithCreatives relies on your help through a digital movement in spreading awareness and promoting businesses.

Here’s how you can #StandWithCreatives on Instagram:

  1. Choice between: a selfie, or a photo of the MENA designer you’re choosing to highlight.
  2. Upload your selected image to your Instagram story.
  3. Head to the GIFs and search for #StandWithCreatives.
  4. Place the sticker on the bottom right of your selected image.
  5. Screenshot your story to your phone.
  6. Upload to your feed, tagging @FashionTrustArabia and the talents you’re choosing to support on the image.
  7. Caption your photo by mentioning 3 people to join the campaign, and #StandWithCreatives.

Caption to be written in your own style, but must include the following details:
Suggested caption:

“In times of uncertainty, it’s important to connect and support each other, that is why I #StandWithCreatives, to promote the diverse creativity in the #MENA region.
I call on @____ , @____   @_____ to join me in promoting creativity.

Also, if you're a designer based in the MENA region or know one whose business has been impacted by #COVID19, head to @fashiontrustarabia to learn more.”

If you want to take it up a notch, we also created a fun story template that you can fill in and share!

  1. Head to our Instagram page @fashiontrustarabia
  2. Find the #StandWithCreatives highlighted story
  3. Take a screenshot of the template
  4. Fill it with your answers
  5. Share!



Applications are currently open for the #StandWithCreatives Fund, dedicated to providing the necessary support to the community of MENA designers whose businesses have been recently impacted by COVID-19. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and successful applicants will be notified in June.


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