They say there is music wherever there is rhythm, as there is life wherever there beats a pulse. Today you’ll find both pulse and music in one place, as Pulse asked three ‘IT’ DJs to carefully curate ten of their favorite tracks to cover all your summer plans, be you at the beach, on a road trip or at a rooftop party.

Feel the buildup with Caline Chidiac

Music lover, Funk, Disco and French new-wave fanatic, an aficionado of old Hollywood musicals and ‘cinemacreateurs’, a collector of vinyl, a design enthusiast, a vintage fashion freak, Caline Chidiac grew up with a love for music, and an eclectic music library. She taught herself how to mix, mastered her craft and joined the entertainment scene in 2007. Her DJ’ing life took off with gigs at corporate events, private parties and bars across Europe and the Middle East. This propelled her into being one of the most sought-after mood-setters, known for her DJ’ing style and her ability to adapt to different crowds. “These are 10 summer songs I chose for you. As a DJ, my style is very eclectic with a clear love for Funk, Disco and happy vibes, as you’re going to witness when you listen to the tracks. I put the songs in this specific order for you to feel the buildup. It’s a summarized party of 10 songs. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it,” says Chidiac.

Discover Chidiac’s selection here.

Chill on the beach with Cosmicat

“I selected these tracks from my personal playlist that I listen to every other day, when I’m driving, working out or just hanging out with friends, I love all genres of music and these are some of the tunes I enjoy listening to when I’m on the beach chilling,” says Cosmicat. Born and raised in Jeddah, Cosmicat always had a strong passion for music in a world where it was considered taboo, and where there were limited record and music equipment stores and no live performances. Cultural protocol meant that she had to keep her passion a secret, so Cosmicat worked a more realistic career of dentistry, but never gave up on her dream of producing.

Discover Cosmicat’s selection here.

All languages with Leila Sohrab

DJ Leil, or Leila Sohrab Rustam, plays music of all genres and languages and sets the vibe to entertain and satisfy all tastes. Based in Bahrain and performing around the world, she obtained an academic certificate from the London Academy of Music for attending ‘Music Production and Advanced DJ Techniques’ courses in Clapham, London, in May 2019. “I love all types of music in all languages from Classic to Rock, old and new.  For now, I hope you enjoy these tracks that I to listen on my own free time,” she says.

Discover DJ Leil’s selection here.