Zaid Farouki is a Palestinian-Jordanian designer based in Dubai. After enrolling in Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy to study Fashion Design, Farouki moved to London to attend Central Saint Martins and specialized in couture techniques, embroidery and hand painting — all of which are now evident in his intricate couture designs under the Zaid Farouki brand. He often finds inspiration in the fusion of cultures, and everything that surrounds him. Driven by his inspirations, Farouki has created a global and empowered hybrid individual, a representative of the ever-so globalized world, where said individual is adorned by clean European clubs, true American liberties, and the ever-existent Arab sense of dramatization.

This Ramadan, Farouki became the only regional menswear designer to create an exclusive capsule collection, which consists of 17 versatile, ready-to-wear garments, for Farfetch. “Ramadan is a month of self reflection and practicing self control. Teachings that I take with me throughout the year,” he explains. “Being the only regional designer that created menswear for a Ramadan capsule collection, my main focus was creating modern wear, yet staying true to the culture and Arab details that we have in our cultural clothing.” The influence of Ramadan on this collection, considered modest menswear, is clear to see while being modern and culturally relevant, drawing inspiration from cultural pieces and cuts from the region.

Fusion of cultures

The empowered, hybrid individual Farouki often presents throughout his various collections was visible in this capsule, take the deconstructed Thobe, as an example, which features emphasized sleeves and a long cape. This idea again appears in the Bisht and capes, where inspiration was drawn from the historic garments present in the region. “We mixed and matched different elements from SWANA to make up a look. Such as a Moroccan inspired Thobe, but with Emirati tassels,” he explains. “The Saudi Thobe is seen as well, but with emphasized sleeves and buttoning.” The Sherwal, also commonly known as a Sirwal in some contexts, is a subtype of Harem pants and symbolizes the Levant. It was, however, juxtaposed with emphasized sleeves highlighting the fusion of cultures Farouki has become known for.

While the capsule collection has seen the introduction of new Zaid Farouki silhouettes, some staples remain. “The tailored pants are a client favorite. So we have introduced them in a few variations. [Also there’s], heavy reference of cultural elements no matter what the piece is, a simple T-shirt, or shirt, but [it] has a V-cut in reference to our traditional shirting,” he says. The capsule collection is now exclusively available to shop worldwide on Farfetch!