Everyone’s favorite queen is getting a new look! A beloved Disney mascot, none other than Minnie Mouse herself, is ditching her iconic red polka-dot dress for a tailored navy suit featuring black polka dots and a matching bow, all designed by Stella McCartney. The collaboration is taking place in celebration of International Women’s Month and the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, and is to be debuted on the 6th of March at the magical destination.

McCartney wanted Minnie to wear her very first pantsuit, dressing her to be a symbol of progress and empowerment for the new generation. The tuxedo, which was crafted using responsibly sourced fabrics, did not come without its controversies, as it initiated conversations surrounding femininity and fashion when it was announced. However, that was precisely why McCartney was headhunted to re-design Minnie’s look, the designer is a pioneer in sustainable fashion and female leadership. In a press release published on her official website, McCartney says, Minnie, “had a special place in her heart,” and if you’re just like McCartney, or our Editor-In-Chief, Ziyad Makhoul, you’re in for a treat. The collaboration will be “immortalized by a collectable, limited-edition organic cotton t-shirt, available for purchase on International Women’s Day (8th March).

We wanted to join in on the action, ‘cause why not? We took Minnie on a styling trip across three different countries and asked our community of MENA designers to create their very own look for the iconic mouse!

Amman, with Tania George

Jordanian ready-to-wear designer, Tania George, says, “I was really excited to take Minnie Mouse to our own world of prints and colors.” George’s designs are playful and quirky and take their inspiration from the hidden gems of everyday life in Jordan, namely, the musical gasoline trucks, decorated pickup trucks or street-side cotton candy sellers. “I created a cotton candy print top with a red background to fit her mood. I added puffy sleeves with an Arabic alphabet print and finished it with Tania George milk flare pants. It’s all about mixing the beautiful prints together and achieving a cute look that fits both her vibe and the TG aesthetic,” she adds.

Doha, with Yasmin Mansour

Luxury evening-wear designer and the brains behind one of the very first womenswear labels in Qatar, Yasmin Mansour, wanted to “find a link between fashion pieces and art, and specifically for Minnie Mouse, the iconic polka dots on her dresses had to be that link.” Mansour’s message is about empowering women and giving them the freedom to be who they want and choose to be in life and, as such, she takes inspiration from the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Respecting culture, tradition and history, while aiming to be a brand where art and fashion collide, Mansour explains, “the pattern incorporates Kusama’s use of polka dots in her art pieces and installations [while] the shape of the dress with the puffed up skirt [in a] pumpkin shape is inspired by Kusama’s sculpture “Kabocha”.”

Beirut, with Hussein Bazaza

Last but not least, Minnie travels to the heart of Beirut to try on a custom outfit created by Hussein Bazaza, which took its inspiration from the designer’s latest collection, titled, ‘Predation’. “With its background story of prey vs. predators and nature vs. nurture, [Minnie] sheds her entire old self and wears as a second skin a jumpsuit featuring the collection’s latest innovation, leather 3D-embossed petal-shaped and tiger striped motifs that adorn the entire piece,” shares Bazaza. The designers wanted to turn Minnie into a stronger, edgier and more powerful character. Her gloves, shoes, and “her ears morphing into feathery ends and her face into slick hair strands framing her traits,” all played a vital role in highlighting Bazaza’s new vision for Minnie.

From Doha, to Amman and Beirut, Minnie has had quite the journey. From one appointment to the next, the iconic mouse is here to embrace a new era in her personal style — one filled with Arab pride.