Long before technology took over and screens became the norm, it was the power of the skillful hand that stood in the spotlight!

Come to think of it, we all have that one piece, passed down, generation to generation; that intricately crafted item – a piece of heritage to preserve and a taste of the arts that once dominated a simpler past! But, as the fashion industry becomes more saturated with time, designers are dabbling in digital and practical means of production. Fortunately for us, heritage-inspired pieces are making a comeback!

Middle Eastern designers have found ways to revive their memories and traditional crafts that were beginning to die out. Here, we’ve found a number of designers who are embracing tradition and heritage to create contemporary pieces:


A Trip Down an Egyptian Memory Lane with Okhtein: Okhtein’s handbags are more than just statement pieces. Highly influenced by rich Egyptian culture, heritage abounds in their arabesque designs. Okhtein also utilizes techniques that were once common, but that have fallen out of favor – take Khan Khalili for example, famed for it’s gorgeous metalwork. By calling back to this history, Okhtein gives us a taste of the arts that today we long for, reimagining tradition in culturally rich bags that satisfy our desires.

The Eye of the Needle Speaks Up with All Things MochiEmbroidery (also known as tatreez) has proven to be one of the strongest connections between Arabs and their land, and this traditional craft is what All Things Mochi have become known for. By giving a vibrant and modern twist to an ageless craft and contrasting it with prints and colors, the story of Middle Eastern embroidery remains as vibrant as ever and continues to add more than just glamour to our wardrobes. 


Take A Stroll Through Ancient Morocco with ZyneClose your eyes and visualize fashion in Morocco. What stands out? Babbouche! Imagine modernizing a fashion statement that was spread across North Africa back in the day! Zyne offers a modern twist on shoes that every Moroccan man and woman used to wear. By reigniting traditional techniques and designs and creating footwear for the modern fashionista, every piece has a touch of the past.